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CHARACTER NAME: Alcuin no Delaunay
CHARACTER SERIES: Kushiel's Legacy
GAME: City of Ariel


Backtagging: Infinitely. If you tag me I will tag you back even if it has been a month since your last tag and the thread itself is months old. Occasionally I will drop gen threads where the conversation has hit a serious lull, but anything short of that I will tag you back forever. I tend to go through all my tags at least once a day.
Threadhopping: Potentially.
Fourthwalling: Rather not.
Canon Puncture: Will probably incite philosophical discussion.

Hugging this character: Always, anyone, anytime.
Kissing this character: Sure! If it's unexpected, he might be shy and flustered, but it's generally taken as a compliment. (Unless he's scared, in which case he's just scared.)
Flirting with this character: He will always flirt back unless he thinks it would upset someone else. (Or if he's scared for some reason, which isn't hard to do.)
Fighting with this character: He knows some defensive fighting! But he will try very very hard to settle things peaceably. Very difficult to start fights with him unless you're threatening someone else in his vicinity.
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): Please no, and definitely not without OOC discussion first.
Killing this character: Not without very serious OOC discussion and for very good plot reasons.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Sure! Go crazy! If I know your character's a mind reader I'm likely to pepper Alcuin's posts with extra material for your character to use.


TMI Meme

Full name: Alcuin nò Delaunay.
(Notes: I often skip the accent in prose because I’m lazy and I don’t know accent shortcuts that work on a mac in DW text boxes >_>. His tag is accentless.)

Age: 19

Height: 5’8”
Weight: 145 lbs.
Build: Slender, with only slight visible muscle tone.
Appearance: Considered exceptionally beautiful even in a country of beautiful people, Alcuin has extremely pale skin and hair as white as milk, with eyes a dark brown that is almost black. It is possibly hinted in canon that the trauma of whatever happened in the battle that orphaned him turned his hair white from shock. He’s not a pure albino because of his dark eyes, although he may possibly have Leucism. He is physically delicate and bruises easily, although he has a very slight amount of muscle tone—not quite enough to keep him from from looking soft and delicate.
Hair: White. No, really, white. I use some blond icons from his PB (Andrej Pejic), but it’s definitely supposed to be white. He wears it long (reaches to upper back) and usually loose, although occasionally he will braid it.
Body hair: Naturally very minimal thanks to D’Angeline biology. Light underarm and pubic, both pure white. His legs look practically hairless, although there’s a faint sheen of short white hairs. He does not have to shave his face—D’Angeline males do not grow facial hair.
Scent: Vanilla and cream. Vanilla is his favorite, so he tends to have vanilla soaps and shampoos whenever possible.

Clothes: His preferred outfit is a loose white poet’s shirt with the laces undone at the throat and tight (often deerskin) breeches that cling lovingly to his thighs. It’s the way that Delaunay preferred to see him dressed, and so it’s the way that Alcuin now dresses himself.
Scars: None, which Alcuin finds eerie. His wound scars were removed in processing.
Piercings: None
Tattoos: His Marque, which covers the entirety of his back, from nape to the base of his spine. Source.
Other bodily markings: None.

Current level: 2
Residence: Townhouse 6, with Blaine, Danny, and Lee.
Occupation: A server at The Beach.
Vices of choice: Tea, wine, and sugar. All of the sugar.
Hygienic routine: Daily, and fairly meticulous. He has the hygienic habits of a very, very high-class prostitute, by which I’m trying to say that anal sex with Alcuin won’t have any scent other than vanilla soap.
Other daily habits: Every morning he does the Cassiline ‘telling of the hours’, which is a set of fighting exercises that is supposed to be done with twin daggers and vambraces, of which he has… neither.

Spoken language(s): D’Angeline (native—equivalent to French), Alban (English), Skaldi (‘milktongue’, which is to say that he heard it in the cradle from his Skaldi nursemaid, and later studied it—equivalent Germanic), Caerdicci (Italian/Latin), Aragonian (Spanish), and Hellene (Greek).
Unless specified otherwise, Alcuin defaults to speaking Alban in Ariel, because he finds it to be the most commonly spoken language. If your character’s native language is any of the above equivalents, Alcuin will default to speaking in what sounds like an archaic/dialect of that language, because he’s a very talented linguist and he prefers it over the translation that the chip does for him.
Voice: Countertenor. Like everything else about him, his voice is soft and pretty.

Sexual preference: Dominant partners. Alcuin is naturally very submissive. He takes male partners more frequently, because he finds it easier to attract male partners and easier to find male partners who are dominant-leaning/identified, but he is completely okay with partners of any gender/species.

Penis size: Small.
Pubic area: Trimmed white pubes.
Circumcised?: No.

Underwear: None, unless lingerie by request.
Sleepwear: None, unless lingerie by request.

What was their first time like?: He earned the highest price ever paid for a virgin night, and hated every minute of it. The vast majority of Alcuin’s sexual experiences in life were with older men, not of his choosing, and staying in prostitution in a fairly messed-up need to please his father/mentor/master/lover figure. Alcuin has issues about his past sexual experiences.
Best sexual experience: So far, anything with Kise Ryouta, who has done quite a lot to change Alcuin’s opinion of sex from “uncomfortable/unpleasant” to “fun and playful”.
Worst sexual experience: Probably that time he slept with Vitale Bouvarre, where he traded sex for secrets and the money to make his marque and get himself out of prostitution, and subsequently got himself stabbed and his bodyguard killed—because pleasing Delaunay was of course more important than his own safety.

Partner(s): Kise Ryouta [personal profile] notthatmature and Greed [personal profile] wantitall are his current regulars, and he's open to new partners of all kinds!
Preferred method of sex: Sweet and playful.
Frequency: About 2-3 times a week with Kise, and almost daily with someone. He hates sleeping alone.
Masturbation: Almost never, unless he’s being watched. Alcuin gets off on his partner’s pleasure. He has severe difficulty becoming aroused unless he’s pleasing someone else.
Favorite position: Missionary, with his legs locked around his partner’s waist.
Favorite place to have sex: Bath/hot tub.
Favorite kinks/sex acts: Kissing is a big deal for Alcuin, he finds it reassuring as well as arousing. He loves most gentle submissive kink, which includes collars, lingerie, master/pet play, and light/medium bondage.
Favorite toys: Collar/leash, anal plugs, ticklers.

Sensitive areas: Everywhere. Alcuin’s skin is very sensitive, and he bruises/marks very easily. He’s completely ticklish, head to toe, and finds tickling to be arousing.
Turn-ons: Kissing, tickling, adoration, playfulness, being carried around, possessiveness (with some limitations—this is Ariel, after all), being fed, served or cared for (he always finds this very unexpected, being accustomed to serving and caring for others, and it’s one of the fastest ways to win his heart).
Turn-offs: Pain, discomfort, or humiliation of any variety.
No-no places/triggers: Emotionally? His past, prostitution, his marque (the tattoo on his back), or anything dehumanizing (treating him like an object/trash (treating him like a valued and cherished pet or possession is okay)). Physically? Pain or discomfort.

Something they want to try but haven't before: Pet play. (Although he doesn’t yet know he wants to try this.)
Number one fantasy: … Alcuin’s not much for fantasizing, actually. He spent so long being self-destructively selfless that to fantasize about something purely for his own pleasure would make him miserable and uncomfortable because he’d think of it as selfish, and to fantasize about only his partner’s pleasure would be triggery of bad experiences as a Servant of Namaah. If your character asks him what he wants/likes/fantasizes about, he will either vaguely reply that “it pleases me to serve”, or it will send him into a damaged feedback loop of awkwardness and triggers.

After-sex habits: Cuddling and/or baths.

Anything else?: Alcuin will not 'top' in penetrative sex. He's never done it before, never wanted to do it, and if pressed would have trouble getting it up and would perpetually be worried about hurting his partner. There are possible exceptions to this (if a regular dominant partner wanted him to 'perform' with another submissive with whom Alcuin was comfortable, maybe).

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